Eastside Christian School


Welcome to Eastside Christian School!

I’ve heard it said, that from time to time in life, we are surprised to arrive at a new place and feel like we’ve come home. So begins the story for so many families at Eastside Christian School, and we hope for you as well.

Since 1983, parents have chosen to partner with us in the education of their children. Built on trust and a belief that our mission and values will benefit their child’s academic growth and character development, parents continue to put their confidence in Eastside Christian School and the values that are consistent in our teaching.

Our approach is simple. We value relationships with our families and our students, believing that a consistent educational relationship will aid in steady progress and success for each student. Our school community cares about one another – as we partner in the education of children, we make sweet memories together and forge friendships that last a lifetime.

Eastside has a longstanding reputation in the community of being a school of exceptional quality. As students matriculate, we consistently hear that they are recognized in their new schools for their academic preparedness, their leadership skills and their desire to give back to their respective communities.

The core of our educational approach is our belief that Christ is at the center of all that we do. It is through this lens that we view our partnership with parents, keeping a consistent focus on equipping children with quality academics from a biblical perspective, provided by exceptional teachers who know and love their students and who desire God’s best for them.

As you discover the best fit for your child’s educational needs, we hope that you will discover the warmth of Eastside Christian School and discover that in this new place, you are indeed, right at home.