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Welcome to Eastside Christian School!

Why do we exist?
As a Christian school, what we do is clear - we engage in the academic training and spiritual mentorship of children - but, more importantly, why?  Why did God call Eastside Baptist Church to this shared educational ministry journey? How, after more than three decades, are we a source of constant in a rapidly changing culture? What propels our collective love for a school that feels like home?

We share a calling.
At Eastside Christian School, no one has a job.  Training Kingdom children to become mature individuals who glorify Jesus Christ in thought, word and deed has long been the beacon drawing skilled academic professionals to Eastside.  They share a calling.

We share a mission.
Our mission - providing quality academics from a biblical perspective, in a loving environment, equipping students to be pure in character and strong in spirit as they use their talents and abilities to impact our world for Christ - has long been the signifier of our call.

We share faith.
The integration of Scripture and the application of the absolute truth of God’s Word is presented in every aspect in the life of the school.  By coupling quality academics with the integration of Scripture, students are mentored to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, equipped to convey and defend their faith, and confidently discern the difference between a secular and biblical worldview.

We share values.
We know that each student is an image bearer of God who deserves interpersonal relationships of integrity.  We believe the very nature of God draws us to the dignity of work done well.  We endeavor to prepare children in all academic disciplines according to their God-given talents and abilities.  We yearn to ignite in our students the desire for a lifetime of learning.

We share life.
Believing that parents place trust in Eastside Christian School to partner with them in the education of their children, we are communal in our approach.  Our dedication to knowing our students individually through partnership with parents, as they entrust us with their most precious gifts, makes us a school family, and a school home.

As helpful as we hope our website will be, there is no substitute for a personal visit.  I welcome you to come to our campus so you can see the hallmarks that distinguish Eastside Christian School for yourself.  I hope to meet you soon!

Grace and peace,
Deb Knoblock
Head of School