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From a Cub to a Lion
Eastside Christian School Class of 2017

Hmm...I have so many memories, good and bad, it's impossible just to choose one. I guess it's the little things I remember. Story time in Mrs. Hunts class. Sound and blend with Mrs. Dalton, watching the butterflies grow in Mrs. Allen’s class, speed drills in 3rd grade, Shirley Grammar in 4th grade, laughing in Coach Hawkins fifth grade class, Mrs. Stroud’s stories and Mrs. Lauen’s landness in 6th, being terrified of Mrs. Salkill (LOL!), the killer game and meeting Mr. Alongi in 7th grade. Stepping up and being leaders of the school in 8th. Eastside has just been such an amazing and wonderful experience and I am so blessed to have spent every second of those 10 years with you guys.