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On Thursday April 26, 2017 two of my students made the decision to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After recess,”A” came up to me and said that he prayed with “P” to help her have a relationship with God. I had the opportunity to talk personally with “A” to ask him about what had inspired this conversation. He shared with me that this weekend he had made the decision to have a relationship with God. I asked him questions to ensure that he has a full understanding of what that means. He shared with me that he understands that he is a sinner, he is not perfect, that he cannot get to heaven by good works. He knows that Jesus died to take on the punishment for his personal sins. He believes that Jesus was raised from the dead in God’s power and that the only way to have a relationship with Christ is through faith in Him. I talked with him to make sure he knew that this decision was not something he had to repeat, and that once he asked Jesus into his heart that the Holy Spirit would come live within him forever. I prayed with him and he prayed the salvation prayer with me to give him confidence that he had made that decision. His countenance was completely changed. He has been smiling with the joy of the Lord, and it is so exciting to see his changed life through his decision. I also had the opportunity after school to have a similar conversation with “P”. I asked her why she decided to have a relationship with God. She shared with me that she had wanted to before, but didn’t know how. She told me that she believes that Jesus died for her sins, and that she can only be in heaven with Him because of what He did for her on the cross. She understands that she is a sinner and that God has saved her by grace through faith in Christ. I was able to pray with “P” and she also prayed the salvation prayer with me to have assurance of her relationship with Christ forever. Both “A” and “P” shared the great news with their families, and I was able to talk with both of their mothers about the good news. They are both so excited and rejoicing that their child has made the best decision possible, to have an eternal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.