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Eastside Christian School

Eastside Christian School is accredited by The Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI)
and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

What is it about Eastside Christian School that causes us to say, “We are your neighborhood Christian School wherever your neighborhood might be?” It is the acknowledgement of a calling that came to existence in 1983 springing from a deliberate desire to see families, children and teachers who are called to this ministry and we’ve been committed to building this place.
It became a mission, designed to define who we represent and our strong desire to see evidence of growth; not just in words but in diligent work that has the power to transform from practice to possibility.
It is the parents who partner with us as we share this incredible journey from kindergarten through eighth grade with their most precious treasures.
Deb Knoblock, Head of School