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Final Days at ECS

As I approach our final days at Eastside Christian School….

I can hardly type those words without a huge lump appearing in my throat.  It’s incredibly hard to believe that my days running to and from Eastside Christian are drawing to a close.  Our trusted minivan has been making the trek for 12 years, as did the our trusted Volvo wagon three years prior, so I feel like this place has become a part of who we are.

My son and I started dreading the end of his 8th grade year when he was in 6th grade.  Just yesterday he mentioned that he journaled this week about how quickly time passes.  I asked him if he used his years at Eastside Christian as an example; he said yes. We are both incredibly shocked at how quickly these years have passed. My daughter’s passed quickly, too, but because he was coming behind her, and we had four more years here after she graduated from ECS, it didn’t hit us all as hard.

But why am I so sad to see this chapter close? Is it because it’s been such a sweet chapter?  Yes, it absolutely has and that is definitely part of it. Is it because of the wonderful memories we’ve made?  Yes, that is certainly a big part of it, too. Is it because Eastside Christian is filled with great teachers who successfully develop a Biblical worldview in students through Scripture memorization and life application?  Well, that is certainly the main reason we chose Eastside Christian for our children, but I don’t think that is what I will grieve the most when this chapter closes.

What I will grieve the most is my community at Eastside Christian - doing everyday life with the families here. That is what has brought me the most joy and encouragement. I think the apostle Paul sums it up best in his letter to the church at Thessalonica, and I’ll borrow the words of Kaitlin Wernet from She Reads Truth (because she is a better wordsmith than I am):

“God created our lives to be shared. Paul’s letter illustrates that being a family of faith involves knowing and being known. His writing assumes a prior two-way relationship, one that repeats phrases like ‘for you yourselves know’ and ‘as you know.’ Closeness in community is vital for any gospel-centered relationship—in ministry, in suffering, and everything in between. But this closeness is not merely circumstantial or emotional; it is rooted in truth and grown in grace.

God gives us pieces of His own love when He gives us friendship with one another. … we get to witness redemption, encourage growth, and partake in God’s goodness when we share with others ‘not only the gospel of God but also our own lives’ (1 Thessalonians 2:8). Thanks be to God.”

It has been a blessing beyond words to rear our children alongside families and in relationships that are “rooted in truth and grown in grace;” it has been wonderful to come to a place where we know and are known; our kind heavenly Father has given our family pieces of His love through our friendships here, and that is what I will miss the most as this chapter closes.  

April Anderson