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Starting in 5th grade, students can choose band as one of their electives. Concepts introduced on recorder in 4th grade general music class, will continue to be built upon in 5th grade beginning band. Everyone will have the opportunity to test out all available instrument choices at the beginning of the year.  Parents are responsible for obtaining instruments for class after instrument assignments have been made.

Instruments offered:
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

In 6th grade, students will start venture out of the band method book, and start working on sheet music for concerts and other performing events. Rhythm reading and basic music theory concepts is a large component of the 6th grade band. In 6th grade, students will start to see more complex rhythm drills and will be given opportunities to explore music theory through a composition project.

The 7th/8th grade band performs music between grades .5 and 3. Once the students feel comfortable with rhythms and theory, the focus for this class shifts to building independent competencies for each student: technique, tone, and musicality. 8th graders interested in continuing band in high school will be prepared for the level of musicianship expected of a high school freshman.

All bands perform throughout the year at concerts and various other events.