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Technology is a vital component at Eastside Christian School. Computer instruction is presented to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Instruction with educational software to reinforce math, reading, writing, and language skills along with developing basic computer skills is the focus in the lower grades.  Progressing students master keyboarding skills and create projects that compliment classroom learning. Middle School students focus on word processing, touch-typing, spreadsheet, and desktop publishing.  They also develop Internet research skills, and create PowerPoint multimedia presentations. An under construction an audio and television lab will allow selected students to use mastered computer skills to produce film and informational media.

Physical Education
All physical education activities at Eastside Christian School are centered on learning to love God, others, and self. Mark 12:30-31 centers all activities.  In all skills, sports, games, and fitness activities, the K-8th grade students experience the importance of allowing Christ to be the in the center of attitudes, words and actions. Many Godly character traits such as honesty, patience, kindness, diligence, fairness, respect of others and joy are taught in both cooperative and competitive activities. These important truths are reinforced as we interact with one another during play.

Strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and agility are continuously practiced. The students learn that God made and maintains the body, that He lives in the body, and that He gave each one a uniquely designed body; therefore, it is each student’s responsibility AND privilege to take care of their own body through proper fitness, diet and rest.   Age-appropriate fitness and movement activities are  introduced to encourage life skills.

All children, regardless of athletic ability, are encouraged and motivated to excel in our PE program. As the children experience PE in a positive environment, they realize that God has given uniquely to each one physical skill, abilities and talents that are to be developed and used for His glory-both now and in the future.

At Eastside it is our strong desire to prepare students to be effective Christian servants as well as world citizens by embracing the gifts of language and cultural learning.  Studentsare introduced to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world through communicative and hands-on activities appropriate for kindergarten through third grade learners. Standards-based lessons that provide a biblical view of how we can use the Spanish language and knowledge of culture to love and accept others as God does is the goal. The fourth through eighth grade Spanish program fosters language acquisition by integrating the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students attain a basic command of the Spanish language, necessary for limited interpersonal communication, as well as an appreciation of the vast cultural richness of the Spanish-speaking world. Additionally, our rising eighth graders are eligible for a Spanish I credit and can transition into a Spanish II course in most high schools.