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A Special Place to Teach

My name is Courtney Tarpley and this is my first year at Eastside Christian School.  It has not taken me long to see that Eastside Christian is a special place, and I have been so incredibly blessed to join the family here.  While I have worked in other Christian schools in the past, Eastside Christian is where I have seen the greatest Biblical foundation bred in its students.  I was amazed at the Biblical knowledge that my students already had at the beginning of the year. I am constantly reminded to “have faith like a child,” because I am surrounded by the pure faith of a child every day.  I love being in a place where I not only grow students academically, but I share my faith with them daily as well.  Observing their tender hearts and their hunger for knowing more about what the Bible has to say is so encouraging. Being able to talk freely about God and praying with my students to begin each day is an atmosphere that cannot be found everywhere, especially in a public school. The students here are provided a challenging, loving academic environment.  The smaller class size has helped me get to know each student on a deeper level. I have also appreciated the relationships I have formed with the families this year. I was blown away by how special I was treated during conference week! . The support from families and the support from faculty here is amazing. I was immediately treated like a family member, and not just another co-worker. It’s a blessing to lift up your co-workers in prayer, and to know that we all share the common ground of life through our Savior, Jesus Christ. Eastside Christian has been, without a doubt, an answer to prayer; I am grateful that God led me here.