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Building a solid foundation of academics, confidence, and faith

We recognize that critical foundations are set for elementary-age students. From social skills to study habits to problem solving, future academic success builds on the training and instruction delivered in our Lower School. Additionally, the development of personal faith in our students drives our instructional design and classroom practices.

Utilizing various teaching styles, our staff works passionately to address the needs of our youngest learners. A blend of traditional teaching techniques with hands-on learning allows for students of all learning styles to engage and be successful. Small student-to-teacher ratios enhance the classroom experience for the students and the teachers. Additionally, a variety of curriculum offerings allow students to begin developing skills in traditional subjects as well as music, art, computer, Spanish, and physical education.

Our teachers also employ Responsive Classroom methods in their daily classroom routines as a way to meet the social and emotional learning needs of the students. Best practices in this approach help to develop a safe classroom environment where learning is accelerated.

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Lower School Curriculum

Programming and curriculum at the Lower School is focused on building a solid foundation for our students. Using texts from Christian and secular publishers, all subject matter is taught from a perspective that emphasizes a biblical world and life view. Our staff also reinforces the practice of developing strong character and organizational skills in achieving academic excellence.

Our lower school students participate in our school-wide standardized testing as well as the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), an adaptive assessment given three times a year to measure growth in reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.

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Establishing a biblical worldview for our students is a top priority in all curriculum. In addition to learning the importance of worship through chapel, students hide God’s Word in their hearts through weekly Scripture memory and classroom devotions. Our goal is to help students develop a deep and personal faith that points them to the truth of the gospel worked out in their lives.

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From kindergarten through fifth grade, we teach a blend of traditional math, concept development, and problem solving skills. Our students work toward mastery of number theory, logic, geometry, and real-world mathematics examples. Our goal is to equip students with confidence in problem solving and to help them recognize the order and structure in God’s creation.

Language arts

We offer phonics-based reading instruction in kindergarten through third grade as students build reading proficiency. Students also focus on writing and communication skills by studying literature, performing research projects, and developing presentation skills. Spelling is also an integral part of our academic program.


Students learn about earth and physical science through the lower school science curriculum. Building on their natural curiosity, students develop investigation skills as they study and practice the scientific method in various experiments. Lower school students also have exposure to Science Technology Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) programming. Classes participate in two S.T.E.M. days led by middle school students each year and have access to the lab for projects throughout the year.



Technology is an integral part of instruction modeled and practiced in each classroom. Additionally, kindergarten through fifth grade spend dedicated time each week in computer class. Educational software reinforces math, reading, writing, and language skills along with development of basic computer skills. Progressing students master keyboarding skills and create projects that compliment classroom learning.

Social Studies

Social studies equip students to navigate the complexities of our world. Learning from the lessons of history, appreciating diverse cultures, and gaining an understanding of our government helps students to grow into responsible and considerate citizens.



Students learn how to be world citizens by embracing the gifts of language and cultural learning.  Hands-on activities, communication exercises, and collaborative work build Spanish language skills and cultural awareness in students, broadening their view of the world.


Lower school students receive weekly music instruction. Students have the opportunity to explore God’s gift of music through singing, moving, listening, performing, composing, and playing instruments. While imparting this knowledge, we demonstrate and encourage students to use music to communicate the love of Christ to others and to show their love and adoration to their Lord.  General music classes perform in Christmas and spring programs each year.

Visual Arts

From art history to instruction on the creative process, students learn to appreciate the visual arts. Students participate in hands-on projects that reinforce technique and raise cultural awareness as they learn the value of non-verbal expression.

Physical Education

Physical education curriculum focuses on developing strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and agility. The students learn that God made and uniquely designed our bodies, teaching them responsibility in caring for their bodies through proper fitness, diet, and rest. As the children experience physical education in a positive environment, they realize that God has given uniquely to each one physical skill, abilities, and talents that are to be developed and used for His glory.


The pre-first program offers a multi-sensory learning approach for students who would benefit from an extra year to bridge from the foundations of Kindergarten to the structure of first grade. The unique curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individual students, with focus on listening skills, organizational and work habits, and social interactions. Time is allowed for active, hands-on learning opportunities in all subject areas.

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Character and Service

Our staff weaves character development into the daily rhythms of classroom interactions and instruction. Students learn the value of developing a strong, godly character and participate in various ministry and community service projects.


Are you ready to see first-hand how we equip students for success in learning and development?

Field Trips

Experiences enhance learning and shape students’ view of the world around them. The Lower School provides a wide variety of field trips focused on hands-on learning, cultural awareness, and appreciation of the arts.

Previous Lower School Field Trips


Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Chattahoochee Nature Center
Cobb County Youth Museum
Fernbank Museum
Fox Theatre
Mama Koku

Manners Luncheon
Rock Ranch
Sope Creek
Sweetwater Creek State Park
Tellus Museum
Zoo Atlanta

Eastside Christian School's lower school students met with Ambassador Andrew Young in 2018. He spent time sharing childhood memories, stories of how he met and began working with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a challenge to the students to live a life of purpose.

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