Parent-Teacher Fellowship

Giving our best through teacher support and parent engagement

Eastside Christian School’s Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) focuses on building and maintaining a strong school community. We do this by engaging parents in volunteer opportunities as a way to serve our teachers, faculty, and students. When parents take the time to help with school-wide events or even volunteer in a classroom, they are making an invaluable investment into the students’ lives and helping to make the Eastside Christian School such a strong community.

What does the PTF do?

Our PTF and parent volunteers set a high standard of leadership in the way they serve the faculty and staff. The primary ways the PTF provides support includes:

  • Providing an additional channel for school-to-family communication

  • Coordinating volunteer opportunities for parents

  • Providing hospitality for a variety of school events

Many of the community-building events held by the school, such as Fall Family Fun Night, Donuts with Dads, and Muffins with Moms, are sponsored by the PTF and a significant number of parent volunteers. The PTF also looks for ways to encourage our teachers such as monthly breakfasts, birthday and Christmas gifts, and free childcare for certain events.

The PTF also organizes Lead Class Coordinators for each grade and Class Coordinators for every classroom. These parents facilitate communications and regular volunteer opportunities for parents while keeping a pulse on teachers’ needs throughout the school year.

Another area of support the PTF provides includes financial support for the school that can range from equipment purchases to donations toward productions.

PTF Board Meetings

Each school year, the PTF Board sponsors three meetings to facilitate continuing community awareness among parents, teachers, and staff members. The purpose of each meeting is to provide a time of fellowship for our school families and staff, as well as inform parents of coming events, volunteer opportunities, and school happenings.

PTF Membership and Volunteer Opportunities

Once you decide to enroll your child(ren) at Eastside Christian School, you automatically become a member of PTF. There are no membership forms to complete.

The PTF offers a wide range of parent volunteering opportunities from serving in the classroom or helping with school-wide events. Whether you love to set up equipment for games or you love to pray with and encourage students, we have ways for all types of parents to engage in the school and our students’ lives.

PTF Leadership


Our PTF is led by a Board consisting of five members (left to right): Kelly Thomas, Secretary; Jen Adams, Vice President of Operations; Mike Lowe, Treasurer; Jenni O'Dell, President; and Christy Wright, Vice President of Communications.

We look forward to your support and participation through the many volunteer opportunities at Eastside Christian School. If you should have any questions or need clarification about the role of the PTF, we encourage you to contact us.