Musical Arts Program

Developing confidence, skills, and an appreciation for the arts

Eastside Christian School offers music education through band and chorus electives. These programs train students in music development while building their confidence through regular performances. Each student learns the importance of collaboration, diligent practice, and encouragement as they work together to glorify God through worshipful expression. 

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Choral Music Program

Chorus is offered as an elective beginning in fifth grade. Fifth and sixth grade students perfect sight-singing and ear-training skills while learning to sing two or more parts in a group setting.

Seventh and eighth grade chorus students continue sight-singing and ear-training while adding music theory skills. These classes prepare challenging pieces of 3 parts or more in a variety of musical genres.

All choruses have opportunities to perform throughout the school year as a part of concerts, musical productions, chapel services, festivals, and community events. 

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Band Program

Beginning in fifth grade, students may choose band as one of their electives, building upon the concepts introduced on the recorder in the fourth grade general music class. Each student has an opportunity to try all available instrument choices at the beginning of the year.

Instruments offered:



Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone


In sixth grade, students venture out of the band method book and begin working on sheet music for concerts and other performing events. Rhythm reading and basic music theory concepts are a large component of the sixth grade band. Students also develop more complex rhythm skills and have the opportunity to explore music theory through a composition project.

The seventh and eighth grade band practices and performs music between grades 0.5 and 3. Once the students gain confidence with rhythms and theory, focus shifts to building independent competencies for each student: technique, tone, and musicality. The eighth grade program is designed to prepare students for the level of musicianship expected of a high school freshman.

All bands perform throughout the year at concerts and other events. Parents are responsible for obtaining instruments for class after instrument assignments have been made.

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