Mission & Values

Eastside Christian School’s mission is to provide quality academics from a biblical perspective, in a loving environment, equipping students to be pure in character and strong in spirit as they use their talents and abilities to impact our world for Christ.

As we work out this mission, our core values serve as guiding principles for how we interact with our students, staff, and families.


Core Values


Developing and nurturing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is a bedrock of our school. Through regular scripture memory and devotions, chapel worship, and worldview training, each student receives a foundation to help them apply the gospel to their personal experience and develop confidence in sharing the good news with those they encounter.


A commitment to excellence goes beyond strong academics. Our students learn to give their best in the academic setting while stretching themselves through musical and visual arts and athletics. We encourage each student to produce their best work and develop a value of lifelong learning.


Students learn and grow the best when they feel safe. In addition to providing a safe and secure campus, our students are supported through safe classroom environments where they know that faculty, staff, and their peers love and care for them. Learn more about the Responsive Classroom, which encourages a safe environment.


Developing strong character and virtues in our students is a priority in each program we offer. From the sportsmanship learned in athletics to the courage developed in the arts to the discipline built in academic studies, our students are well-rounded and prepared to lead as they head to high school and beyond.


We develop strong leaders in our students, parents, and our staff. We believe that leadership results in influence and impact in our world, and our legacy depends on leaders with strong faith, character, and courage.


Our relationships to God, to our family, and to each other define who we become. Student growth is encouraged through modeling and mentorship that equips students to build and maintain strong relationships. We also provide a variety of opportunities for parent involvement to encourage strong relationships within our families.


We believe that our ultimate source of wisdom is the Word of God. We encourage our students and staff to seek out this wisdom and to hide it in their hearts. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7)

Humble Confidence

We prepare students to move to high school and beyond by equipping them with confidence and helping them to develop a humble and teachable heart. Through academic projects, performing arts, and athletics, our students encounter regular opportunities to build confidence and courage in safe and loving environments. Students will draw on these foundational social skills as they face a lifetime of new situations.