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Eastside Christian Middle School

Preparing students to rise to the demands of high school and beyond

In addition to academic preparation for high school, we recognize that middle school students need a safe environment in which to learn and develop. Our faculty and staff integrate social skills, strong relationships, and character building as core values in daily middle school programming. Additionally, the development of personal faith in our students drives our instructional design and classroom practices.

Teachers in the Middle School come alongside students to offer an engaging environment in which all learning styles are served. A blend of traditional teaching techniques with hands-on experiences helps students establish a foundation of skills and worldview that prepare them for success in high school and beyond.

In addition to helping establish academic success, small student-to-teacher ratios and Responsive Classroom methods are an essential ingredient to providing an environment in which healthy social and emotional skills grow. Additionally, a variety of curriculum offerings allow students to grow skills in traditional subjects as well as engineering, music, art, computer, Spanish, and physical education.

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Middle School Curriculum

Middle school years present an important time for fostering a love for learning, developing character and strong relationships, and building faith. Our teachers and students embark on this journey together, focusing on establishing a safe learning environment that brings out the best in each student. Teachers equip students with real-life strategies to excel academically and own and defend their faith throughout their high school career and beyond. We offer a variety of elective classes that provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions. Students also participate in standardized testing throughout their time at the Middle School.

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From mastery of fractions and decimals to algebra, students focus on developing reasoning skills that will serve them in high school mathematics. Critical thinking remains a priority for students as they continue building on basic concepts and explore more complex problem solving skills. As in our Lower School, students are encouraged to look for the order and structure in God’s creation as they learn.

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Students build communications skills and broaden their perspectives through studies in literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Teachers guide instruction by introducing students to various forms and genres of literature and providing opportunity for discussion and analysis. Teachers instill a high standard for communication skills through research projects, creative writing, and presentations.

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Teachers provide opportunities for students to develop greater understanding of our country, our world, and diverse cultures through studies in history. Students engage in a wide range of projects and benefit from field trips that help to solidify the lessons of history. Responsibility and compassion are values that students explore and develop through their studies and experiences.

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Teachers guide students through instruction, labs, and hands-on learning opportunities in life, earth, and physical science. Students continue to develop curiosity and appreciation for the scientific method as they gain an understanding of how God created the word to operate around them.

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Students interact with technology throughout middle school instruction, and teachers model the use of technology in daily classroom instruction. Additionally, computer class provides opportunity for students to build mastery in essential skills like keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, and desktop publishing. Instruction also includes development of Internet research skills and the planning and creation of multimedia presentations. A full audio and television lab and studio offer further environments for students to produce film and informational media.

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Establishing a biblical worldview for our students is a top priority in all curriculum. Bible class offers an environment where the gospel, Christian values, and worldview are explored as students gain greater confidence in defending their faith in high school and beyond. Instruction focuses on Scripture memory, Bible study, and apologetics. Middle School chapel provides an engaging environment for students to worship and learn together.

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Students develop engineering and design skills through an integrated curriculum that covers science, technology, engineering, and math. As students engage in collaborative hands-on projects, they learn the principles that prepare them for high school and instill an appreciation for systems and innovation. Our science lab provides a beautiful environment in which students explore, design, and create. Middle school students also learn leadership skills through this program as they lead S.T.E.M. day for lower school students.

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Students learn how to be world citizens by embracing the gifts of language and cultural learning. The Middle School Spanish program offers technology-integrated instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and provides opportunities for students to develop independence, confidence, and appreciation for the richness of other cultures.



Confidence and appreciation for the arts hold high value in the Middle School program. Music electives in band and chorus give a wide range of paths for students to explore God’s gift of music. Students receive valuable character training as they support and encourage each other in performances throughout the year. Students also learn how the arts are an expression of God’s creativity and are an opportunity to worship Him.


Visual Arts

Instruction in visual arts incorporates traditional and historical studies as well as graphic design. Students explore the visual arts through hands-on learning in painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, and printmaking techniques. The visual arts program provides a safe atmosphere for students to gain experience in self-expression as they gain deeper appreciation for God’s gift of beauty and creativity.

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Physical Education

Physical education curriculum focuses on developing strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and agility. The students learn that God made and uniquely designed our bodies, teaching them responsibility in caring for their bodies through proper fitness, diet and rest. As the students experience physical education in a positive environment, they realize that God has given uniquely to each one physical skill, abilities, and talents that are to be developed and used for His glory.

Character and Service

Our staff weaves character development into the daily rhythms of classroom interactions and instruction. Students learn the value of developing a strong, godly character and participate in various ministry and community service projects.


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Field Trips

Experiences enhance learning and shape students’ view of the world around them. The Middle School provides a wide variety of field trips focused on hands-on learning, cultural awareness, and appreciation of the arts.


Camp Highland

During the first quarter of the school year, the sixth grade class travels on an overnight field trip to Camp Highland. This team building experience, incorporating low-ropes and high-ropes elements, is designed to teach students to work together and share ideas.

The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont

During the spring of each year, the seventh grade class travels to The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont. During this three-day, two-night trip, students are immersed in wilderness navigation, geology hikes, stream ecology, astronomy, folk dancing, and living history.


Washington, DC

One of the highlights of the eighth grade year at Eastside Christian School is the fall trip to our nation’s capital. During this four-day, three-night trip, students pair hands-on experience with the material they’ve been studying. The agenda includes visiting each of the memorials, touring the Capitol and the White House, laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and visiting Mt. Vernon.


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Extracurricular Opportunities

Eastside Christian School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities from which students can choose. These opportunities provide environments for students to develop skills, practice collaboration and teamwork, and explore their passions.

Sports programs include girls and boys basketball, cross-country, soccer, swim, and tennis; baseball for boys; and cheerleading and volleyball for girls.  National Junior Beta Club, yearbook staff, an annual Middle School musical production, and spelling competitions round out extracurricular opportunities.

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